1. How much money can I borrow?

The amount available to borrow depends on the state in which you apply and your income.

2. Who qualifies for a loan?

Loan eligibility criteria are as follows:

A steady income from a current job or benefits such as social security, disability, etc.
Take home a minimum of $1000.00 monthly after taxes.
Valid bank account (checking or savings) in your name.
A valid phone number.
3. How does the online application process work?

Applying for a loan online is quick, easy and secure. The online application form is simple, straightforward and speeds up the process to make it as quick and easy as possible.

4. How long does it take to receive money?

You’ll probably get the loan money the same day, within an hour or less if you are approved. Sometimes the money is delivered into your account the next business day.

5. How many times can I apply?

There is no need to apply more than once. When you are approved, you will hear from us shortly. You may be approved for a smaller loan, not necessarily the amount you wanted to. Please, don’t submit more than one application.

6. How much will a loan cost?

The cost of credit is always clearly disclosed to you in terms of the Annual Percentage Rate, the finance charge, and total amount you are required to repay according to federal Truth in Lending Regulations. Late fees, returned item/NSF fees, or ongoing interest may apply as outlined in your loan agreement if you fail to pay your loan on time.

7. Can I get the loan despite bad credit?

Your credit is normally not a factor. You can be approved regardless of your credit history.

8. Is unemployment an obstacle?

As long as you receive some kind of income, for example unemployment benefits, yes you can.

9. Will my information be secure and kept private?

You can rest assured that your privacy will be protected. The payday loan application process safeguards your information all the way. Your information is protected and keep strictly confidential.